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Machine Makes Man is the story of Milly and Jeffrey Kramer, a pregnant couple with not much to lose. After Jeffrey volunteers to be a test subject for a new teaching technology experiment conducted by DARPA, their 9-month journey takes a turn for the exponential. Using original music, media, and the ideas of transhumanist Ray Kurzweil, Machine Makes Man explores the future of possibility, applesauce, and what it truly means to be human.
Machine Makes Man was created by company members Adina Verson and Michael McQuilken in the summer of 2013, and premiered in the “Best of the Fringe” category at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, where it won the gold prize for Best International Performance.


It was subsequently invited to the National Arts Festival in South Africa, where it ran to sold-out houses and received heaps of fantastic press


"Machine’s production is tight and exceptionally clever... Heartwarming, surprising, allegorical, offbeat and fun, Machine Makes Man might turn out to be this Festival’s sleeper hit, in the same way as it took the Amsterdam Fringe Festival by storm last year."

                                                                                                                          – CUE magazine


"The characters are beautifully rendered by both performers, so good in fact that it looks like they’re not even trying. This, coupled with DIY sound effects triggered by the performers, simple staging and mind-bending content make this a great show to catch."

                                                                                                                          –NAF News


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